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Sprouts Holistic Health Centre is a service center specially established for Holistic Health Practitioners. The center's missions are as follows:

  1. Provide a platform for the practitioners in their journey of continuous learning and professional upgrading through our internationally-approved programs, enabling their professional know-how and raising their service level.

  2.  Uphold the moral standard and professional conduct of the Practitioners.

  3.  Promote public awareness of holistic health concepts through education and learning activities.

  4.  Provide basic facilities, tools, and support services to meet the professional needs of the Practitioners.

New Opening Hour! 

  • Tuesday 10am - 12.30pm

  •               6pm - 8.45pm

  • Thursday 6pm - 8.45pm​

Why Naturopathy

   Holistic Health Approach

A Holistic Practitioner not only looks at what symptoms you present or the food you eat, but considers other aspects that could affect your health. These factors may include:

Dietary Habits

The content of your diet and your eating habits makes a huge difference in your health

Health Conditions 

Knowing you health conditions helps us to consider the type of food you should increase, limit or avoid to support your recovery

Emotional Factors

Negative emotions not only affect our way of eating, the food we choose but also causes stress to our body system 

Environment, Parasites and Toxins

 Toxin accumulation in our body can prevent nutrient absorption and create inflammatory reactions. Parasite infection can cause all kinds of reactions in our body and must be removed before proper healing can occur.  

Food sensitivity

Identifying food sensitivity is important before good dietary advice can be given. 

Energy flow of the body

Increasing your body's energy and unblock its flow is vital for longevity



 I feel so much better after following the regimens suggested by the practitioner. The consultation helped me to understand what was going on in me and what it takes to re-gain my health! 

—Ms Chang, Taiwan

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