Helping client to find the root problem is critically important in order to have effective healing. In this program, we will guide going through a process of identifying possible issues, review all solutions and plan a recuperation regimen that is effective and achievable. During this journey, you will find the right way out for your health, encouraged by positive and well trained professionals in a truly comfortable and private environment.

Sprouts Holistic Health Centre offers a non-invasive method to collect a full range of information about your health using a comprehensive bioenergetic technology called the Qest4. This technology asks the body thousands of “questions” quickly which allows the practitioner to develop a picture of your body’s responses to a wide variety of items, which then provides guidance to your practitioner to help you in the healing process.

Do not waste your time on treating only the symptoms. Talk to our highly experienced natural health professionals who is truly care about your health!

“The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease. ~ ” Thomas A. Edison


Qest4 Assessment

Interview and energetic scanning will be first performed by highly experience Holistic Health expert through Qest4 device.These procedures will take 60-90min

The tests performed will include but not limited to:

  1. Nutrition deficiency

  2. Food sensitivity

  3. Body Constitution

  4. Toxin loads of all kinds

  5. Environmental Sensitivity

  6. Hormonal Profile

  7. Pathogens

  8. Emotional Stress

  9. Negative Energy

  10. Organ’s meridians

Making Appointments


 Your result will be analysed by the Practitioner. For each client, a personalized recommendation will be provided. They may include:

1. Food to avoid

2. Nutrient deficiency

2. Detoxification regimen

3. Herbal remedies

4. Dietary supplementation

5. Energetic elements

6. Emotional support

7. Lifestyle change

8. Organs supports

The expert will explain to you the result after the scan, the reason and how to prevent and improve the condition.

Herbal Remedies


In the the follow-up visit, our Practitioner will find out your current status, and use Qest4 to check the improvement or address any new issue which arise during your journey. You will be updated with your improvement and other suggestions she think necessary. Follow-up is sometimes important to ensure the healing take place appropriately and the client is on the right track in this journey.