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Personalized Juicing Detox

We can help you to design a 3-day Juicing Detox regimen. We supply freshly slow-pressed juice with the highest quality packed in glass bottles for you. In this program, you will get:

1. Personalized Juice Recipes suitable for your health status.

2. Supply of 4 liters of organic cold-pressed juice delivered to your doorstep on the selected day of your choice. Juices are packed into smaller bottles.

3. A Juice detox timetable with guidance on meals during the 3-day detox period.

Holistic Detox


There is no doubt that doing regular detoxification is essential to maintain good health. In Sprouts Holistic Health, we deploy the most effective, safe, our Holistic Detox Program looks at the whole person and uses natural methods which are gentle, safe, and effective for our clients. Our range of detoxification programs include

  • Digestive Detox

  • Juicing Detox

  • Liver & Gall Cleanse

  • Colon Detox

  • Heavy Metal Detox

Talk to us now if you need some guidance on doing detoxification.

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