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Holistic Nutrition Practitioner 

Lecturer for Diet & Nutrition 

Bach Flower Registered Practitioner

Anwen is a Holistic Health Practitioner and a passionate lecturer in Natural Medicine who always directs her focus in educating individuals and family on various factors affecting one's health, including diet, nutrition, toxins, energy as well as mental and emotional elements. Identifying these factors are more important than treating the symptoms. Anwen has been helping many clients regain their health through a more holistic approach.

​Before this, Anwen was a medical professional in pharmaceutical research for 15 years. Her research experience includes the development of new drugs for life-threatening illnesses, including cancers and chronic conditions. During her research years, she saw that there was no complete cure for patients with life-threatening conditions, and the side effects of western medicine took a further toll on their health. Using her scientific training in western medicine, she diverted her focus on natural medicine, which she believes is a more effective way to prevent and arrest these conditions.

​Over the last 10 years, Anwen attained various qualifications in Holistic Medicines, including Diet & Nutrition, Energy Medicine, Juicing Therapy, Bach Flower Remedies, and many from various countries, including Cyprus, USA, U.K, and Taiwan. She is a frequent guest speaker at health talks for corporate events and public seminars.

Anwen is also a nutrition and culinary consultant of various F&B sectors. She has been leading some projects in the "menu make-over" at 8 nursing homes in Singapore, training their chefs and cooks.  She is featured in many media channels in Singapore and Malaysia, including radio broadcast in Love 97.2 FM, and Mediacorp TV program Body SOS and What's in the Fridge, etc where she shared various topics on the importance of holistic health.

​Anwen is the chief editor of the bespoke Diet & Nutrition course in International College of Holistic Health and providing holistic consultation at Sprouts Holistic Health Centre just below the college. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Natural Medicine.

Jane Piper.jpg


Holistic Health Practitioner

Lecturer for Diet & Nutrition

I have been a health professional for 19 years. My approach has evolved over this time to include wisdom from both Western and Eastern healing traditions. I work with clients of all ages (babies, children, teenagers and adults), and all health conditions whether physical or emotional, from childhood eczema through to life-affecting auto-immune conditions. I offer one-to-one consultations, longer-term health programs and offer training for health professionals or anyone looking to start a new career.

A typical one-to-one consultation starts with a detailed discussion of your symptoms and health history right from birth through to the present day. The more I get to know about you, how you are in health, what health issues you have had in the past, and how these were treated, the better we can work together to create a health program tailored to you. I believe it is so important to treat the whole person rather than try to treat the disease.

We also take time to explore family health history, at least 2 generations back. I want to know about individual predispositions. It is not genes that create our disease, but rather the activation of certain genetic information by life experiences and lifestyle. Knowing family patterns and then looking at what lifestyle and habits may be contributing to create health problems, lets us identify changes to make to set the body on a healing pathway.

I believe that the body has an innate wisdom that knows what is needed to restore balance and achieve our potential. Many people ask if a particular food could be making them ill. Without doubt, our diet can have a major impact on our health. Many people get great results in response to simple dietary changes but it is rarely the whole story. The foods we eat can be involved in many problems beyond digestive issues, such as headaches, inflammation, hormone imbalance, pain and auto-immune conditions. Identifying adverse food reactions is often the starting point of an effective health plan, but it’s so important to look at why we may be having these reactions. So, a health consultation looks for underlying issues such as a weakened digestion, poor absorption, hormone imbalance, immune response, emotional stress, toxicity, structural issues, pathogens, or inherited patterns.

I use QEST4 bio-energetic testing, Kinesiology (muscle testing and energy balancing) and Iridology to help prioritise what a person needs to restore health. A treatment plan will often include dietary changes, supplements, emotional re-patterning, meridian balancing, and body work where appropriate.

I am always happy to talk to someone about my approach before making an appointment. Working with a practitioner who you can relate to will give you the best outcome.

Hazel Drummond.jpg

Hazel Drummond

Holistic Health Practitioner

Hazel trains practitioners in the use of the Qest as well as practicing from the Worcester House clinic in Petersfield and London and until recently Manchester. Hazel gets excellent results treating all health issues in all age groups.

My passion for nutritional therapy began at the age of 19 when I had serious health issues and was due for an operation. I was told I would never have children. A friend suggested that I visit a spiritual nutritionist. In the consultation he recommended a dietary plan which included whole unprocessed foods, no red meats, dairy or wheat and absolutely no sugar. I stuck to the plan religiously and to the disbelief of the consultants at University College Hospital made a complete recovery within a month. Thankfully, this saved me from surgery and started me on my journey of learning.

I take a holistic approach to finding the key to restoring health. I trained in London at the Lakeland College of Homeopathy, having already trained in Nutrition at Rusland college and in Nutritional medicine. In my 20s I had studied Graphology at the Institute of graphology in Paris which included studies in Psychology and Psychoanalysis with Rene Tomasini. On my return to the UK in my 30s I trained and practiced as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. I also studied NLP and EFT and more recently Family Constellations.

For the last 15 years I have used the Asyra Pro and now the Qest bio-energeting screening system to help my clients experience better health and well being. My aim is to help others to feel better and to enjoy life to the full using a holistic blend of all that I have studied and continue to study.

I have always been interested in why each of us seemingly living similar lifestyles can have such different health profiles.

My first interest was psychology and the influence of our childhood on our adult lives. Then came nutrition as it became obvious that there is a direct correlation between what we choose to put in our bodies and how we feel. Then came energy medicine in the form of the Asyra system which is extraordinary as a way of looking at the body as a whole, and seeing how the energy has been affected by issues such as bacteria, parasites, fungus, viruses, lyme, vaccinations, emotions, environmentals and much more, and then creating a remedy which balances the system.

My interest in Energy medicine took me on to studying for 3 years to be a Homeopath in London. I treat the whole person to bring about the changes necessary to resolve the underlying causes of health challenges whether through Energetic Healing, Homeopathy, Nutritional Medicine, Diet, Lifestyle and listening.

I have recently moved back to Petersfield having lived in Manchester for 5 years and am very happy to once again be practicing at Worcester House from Tuesdays to Thursdays (Mondays and Fridays on request) and to continuing my work as a trainer of the Qest system here in the UK and internationally.


Paloma Ruiz-Banco

Holistic Health Practitioner

Paloma is a Nutrition Therapy and Functional Medicine Consultant. ​Paloma’s fascination with health, biochemistry and sports started early on when she was a kid. Paloma’s dad, a keen sport athlete in rowing and running, led regular family encountering with her sister to tennis matches, rowing events and training sessions into stunning forests and lakes in the north of Africa where they were born. This led Paloma to develop a professional career in the WTA Tennis Tour from the age of 11 years old, travelling around the world during 9 years of her life as a professional tennis player thanks to her family support.

Fast forward from those carefree days and years in the sports world, Paloma graduated in Law, with a massive emotional disconnection with her career pursuit. She knew she lived for travelling, sports and nutrition but thought she could not make it due to some other life events.

Paloma felt that a new career was too late to be achieved. While travelling for various business opportunities, Paloma started to feel that something bigger was missing out as she already felt a pioneer herself. Paloma finally pursued her career calling at the age of 26 while living in Switzerland, where she finally focused on developing her education and knowledge within the qualified professional Health field. What she did not know, is that it wouldn’t be very easy.

Paloma is currently finalising her dissertation / final thesis from her Master of Science Degree in Personalised Clinical Nutrition from the Middlesex University of London and is qualified by her clinical Nutritional Therapy Practice education from London. Paloma is very well placed to draw on her experiences as a scientist in nutrition and clinical nutrition education to recommend individually tailored programmes for individuals in their quest for improved wellbeing.

Although Paloma is passionate about biochemistry and science, she has always taken a holistic approach to find the key to restoring health. She has also studied NLP and Fundamentals of muscle testing Kinesiology in the UK.

Paloma has been using Quest4 bio-energetic screening system for the past 3 years which she combines in with Functional Medicine testing when necessary. She has been working with Chiropractors in different Chiropractic clinics within the UK and experienced energy medicine from remarkable leaders within the field.

Paloma is currently working towards being legally recognised to practise as a Nutritional Therapist clinician in Spain where she is completing another bachelor’s degree in Human Nutrition and Dietetics in Madrid. This will be her third Degree for her curriculum.

As an accredited clinician, She specialises in:

Gut Health- IBS, IBD, constipation, diarrhoea, Chron’s disease, heartburn, acid reflux, bloating, SIBO, gut dysbiosis and hormone-related gut symptoms.

Digestive Issues – including irritable bowel, food intolerances, gastrointestinal discomfort, etc.

And Weight Loss.


A typical one-to-one consultation starts with a detailed discussion of your symptoms and health history right from birth through to the present day. The more I get to know about you, how you are in health, what health issues you have had in the past, and how these were treated, the better we can work together to create a health program tailored to you. I believe it is so important to treat the whole person rather than try to treat the disease.

Cheng Wen.jpeg


Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Lecturer for Diet & Nutrition

Bach Flower Registered Practitioner (BFRP)

Cheng Wen is a Holistic Health Practitioner and a registered Bach Flower Practitioner. As a trainer at the International College of Holistic Health (ICHH) for ITEC Diet and Nutrition course, she is passionate about equipping her students with knowledge about holistic nutrition and sharing her food relationship journey with them. 


Cheng Wen attained various qualifications in her holistic practices - Certificate in Holistic Nutrition & Consultation Skills, Certificate in ITEC Diet and Nutrition, and completed the Consultation Skills Enhancement course with ICHH.


Cheng Wen believes that by eating right using natural foods, the body can naturally heal, both physically and emotionally. Changing one’s diet using natural foods can reverse poor health conditions caused by nutrition deficiency and unhealthy eating habits


She is passionate about helping her clients regain their health through a holistic approach and supporting them in their emotional wellbeing.

Karen Ter.jpeg


Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Bach Flower Registered Practitioner (BFRP)

Karen is a certified Bach Foundation registered practitioner (BFRP). Passionate about holistic healing, she uses Bach flower remedies to help others balance their emotional state during times of challenges, anxiety, and illness.

Utilising Bach flower remedies, Karen helped her client's son improve his behavioural issues at school, guided a friend suffering from cholesterol issues back to health, and progressively improved her own health.

She experienced first-hand the significant benefits of Bach flower remedies had on her family and friends.

Karen visited many doctors seeking treatment to cure her chronic cough for many years but couldn't find any. After starting her holistic healing journey 4 years ago, Karen corrected her eating habits and used Bach Flower Remedies to regulate her emotions. She has miraculously stopped coughing for the last 10 months. Karen’s mum was diagnosed with stage 1c ovarian cancer. Using Bach flower remedies to regulate her mum’s emotional health and combining holistic health treatment to eat right, her mum’s cancer markers have improved significantly, and she is currently recovering well.

Karen is a trained Diet and Nutrition therapist with the International College of Holistic Health. She scored a distinction for the Nutrition Consultant Enhancement Certification exam.  

Hui Ngim.JPG


Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Trainer for Diet & Nutrition

Hui Ngim has a distinction both in the ITEC Level 3 Certificate in Diet and Nutrition for Complementary Therapists and the Consultation Skills Enhancement course with the International College of Holistic Health (ICHH). She has been a case study mentor since August 2019 and was awarded the Best Case Study Award. Hui Ngim is trained in Bach Flower Remedies.

Food is thy medicine. Eating right brings health, which is fundamental to our happiness. Driven by this belief, Hui Ngim now devotes her time to advising people to eat right to build their immunity, lead a healthy lifestyle, and live happily. 

Hui Ngim believes in home-cooked food and often cooks at home. She believes that choosing the right ingredients to complement the correct type of cooking will enhance the nutritional value of food that brings more significant benefits to our body.

Before joining ICHH, Hui Ngim juggled a busy career and family life. She noticed that people were developing health conditions at an early age. Convinced that it had to do with their diet and lifestyle, Hui Ngim left her auditing career to pursue more knowledge on food and holistic nutrition. Hui Ngim has been practicing privately and recently joined ICHH. She is passionate about helping others who are keen to improve their health.

Cathy Leung.jpeg


Holistic Nutrition Consultant

Mentor for Diet & Nutrition course

Since completing the Diet and Nutrition course at the International College of Holistic Health (ICHH), Cathy worked with several of her family and friends, guiding them to healthy eating and empowering them to make informed and healthier choices in their diet.


Cathy completed various courses in her pursuit of holistic learning. She obtained the ITEC Level 3 Certificate in Diet and Nutrition for Complementary Therapists, ITEC Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Massage and a Certificate in Holistic Nutrition & Consultation Skills with ICHH. She also completed courses in Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Chinese Massage with other centres.


Cathy is passionate about helping individuals live healthier lives and improving the health of the general community. Her most significant achievements are seeing her clients change their lives through diet and nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle. The connection with her clients is something she enjoys more than anything because she gets the privilege of being part of their journey to health and wellness. Like when she helped a pregnant friend lower her Gestational Diabetics Mellitus (GDM) count significantly through mapping a tailored diet plan that suited her nutritional needs.

Cathy is currently a holistic practitioner at Sprouts Holistic Health Centre. She is available for private consultations.

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