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The advanced technology uses “the principles in hydromechanics”, allowing the water pressure to “naturally absorb dissolved activated oxygen”, to generate highly effective sterilizing activated oxygen water. This device is convenient and energy-saving!


It get rid of 99.9% of germs, weakening the spread of bacteria and viruses, efficiently eliminate all kinds of odours, effectively clean and sterilize around the house and can applied to all form of washing and cleaning.


Package contents: 2000g


  • Degrades the residual pesticides on fruits and vegetables.
  • Degrades the residual chemicals and toxins in fish.
  • Eliminates the hiding germs in your daily living.
  • Helps to keep children away from Enterovirus.
  • Fresh your breath
  • Prevents the spread of bacteria and diseases
  • A must for organic raw foods sterilization.
  • Eliminates fish smells, garlic smells, and chemical odors.
  • For kitchenware, tableware, and cloth cleaning.
  • Washes and sterilizes wounds
  • Cleans mold-smelling objects.
  • Degrades the chemical fluorescence on clothes
  • For ground and furniture cleaning

Oclean Ozone Detoxification Machine

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