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This booklet is especially suitable for nutrition education or to be used by practitioners in dietary counseling.  


For personal coaching, a certified health chef will make an appointment with you to have 3 sessions of 1.5-hour on-line training (via zoom) on the recipe, with nutritional highlights, cooking tips, and how to make many variations for every recipe.


This cookbook collects various basic concepts and variations of healthy foods so that learners can create their favorite healthy recipes. Contents are bilingual (English and Chinese).


A total of 12 highly flexible recipes!

  • Smoothie
  • Flavored rice dishes
  • Healthy soup stocks
  • Breakfast ideas
  • Healthy sauce
  • Salads and vegetable dishes
  • Nut cream
  • Healthy dessert and hot drinks


About the Author:

Anwen Kwan

Chef editor of iTEC (UK) Diet and Nutrition Program

Holistic Culinary Cook

Founder of Sprouts Healthy Cooking Class

Holistic Health Consultant in Sprouts Holistic Health Centre

Guest Nutritionist Speaker for Channel 8 & FM Love 97.2 Radio

Wellness Cooking Book +Personal Coaching (zoom)

S$330.00 Regular Price
S$280.00Sale Price
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